Spanish Chicken Wrap
Grilled chicken breast, brown rice, pinto beans, low-fat cheese and Greek yogurt served with a side of our home made salsa. 2 Servings-390 Calories P: 37g C: 39g F: 11g
Garlic Crusted Cod
Flakey cod baked in a whole wheat crust and served with brown rice mushroom risotto and sauteed green beans and peppers. 590 Calories P:48g C:67g F:15g
Lean Jerk Pork w/ Caribbean Salsa
Slow roasted pork shoulder in our jerk seasoning over brown rice and roasted bell peppers with caribbean salsa. 598 Calories P: 50g C: 63g F: 16g
BBQ Turkey Burger
Grilled turkey burger topped with our famous honey BBQ sauce and served with baked sweet potato fries and a roasted corn and pepper salad. 586 Calories P: 49g C: 54g F: 20g