Chipotle Chicken Fajita
Chipotle seasoned chicken breast grilled and sliced over Spanish wild rice and charred peppers & onions. Served with a side of cool greek yogurt and our homemade guacamole. 652 Calories P: 65g C: 56g F: 21g
Thai Curry Turkey Meatballs
Lean turkey meatballs tossed in a Thai curry sauce over peppers & onions and cauliflower rice. 426 Calories P: 49g C: 26g F: 16g
Prosciutto & Egg Stuffed Peppers
Bell peppers stuffed with eggs & prosciutto and served with fresh fruit and a spicy homemade ketchup. 429 Calories P:43g C: 32g F: 15g
Jamaican Jerk Salmon
Jamaican style jerk salmon over arugula with spiced couscous, black beans and a tropical salsa. 556 Calories P: 43g C: 50g F: 20g
Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies
Just like grandma used to make just with much more protein-same amount of love though! 6 Cookies Per Container Per Cookie- 102 Calories P: 6g C: 8g F: 5g