Spiced Raisin Pancakes
Whole wheat pancakes with chunks of raisins. Served with turkey bacon and a rum raisin cream cheese. 500 Calories P: 45g C: 54g F: 10g
Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, roasted red potatoes and charred cherry tomatoes. 480 Calories P: 48g C: 41g F: 13g
Greek Quinoa Omelete
Omelete stuffed with shredded chicken breast, fluffy quinoa, spinach, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts and kalamata olives. Topped with roasted cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, feta cheese and our homemade tatziki sauce. 530 Calories P: 49g C: 43g F: 19g
Chicken and Andouille Gumbo
Our delicious and healthy take on southern gumbo! Homemade andouille sausage and lean chicken breast cooked in a flavorful bouillabaisse and served with roasted red potatoes. 480 Calories P: 66g C: 35g F: 10g
Sonoma Chicken Salad Wrap
Our homemade mayonnaise free chicken salad with diced chicken breast, Greek yogurt, grapes, walnuts, raisins, and lettuce wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. Served with a side salad. 601 Calories P: 50g C: 65g F: 19g
Turkey Sausage & Apple-Cranberry Stuffing
Lean turkey sausage stuffing with apple, cranberries, leeks and sweet potatoes, cooked together for an amazing meal! Served with a shaved Brussel sprout and almond salad. 470 Calories P: 53g C: 51g F: 10g
BBQ Pulled Pork
Slow roasted pork, shredded and tossed in our homemade Honey BBQ sauce. Served with baked sweet potato fries and a greek yogurt coleslaw. 540 Calories P: 51g C: 56g F: 13g
Tamale Pie
Ground sirloin cooked in our delicious red enchilada sauce with onions, corn and Mexican spices. Served over gluten free corn bread and shredded romaine lettuce. Topped with low fat cheese and fat free greek yogurt. 590 Calories P: 52g C: 42g F: 24g
Shrimp PIlaf Florentine
Sauteed shrimp over brown rice pasta and spiralized zucchini noodles. Served with spinach, peppers, asparagus and parmesan cheese. 470 Calories P: 42g C: 51g F: 14g
Black Bean & Quinoa Burger
Delicious vegetarian burgers topped with our cilantro-avocado sauce and fresh diced mango and served with a side of squash. 290 Calories P: 17g C: 45g F: 7g
Chocolate Protein Munchkins
Mini chocolate donut holes packed with protein! 6 Per order Per Munchkin 80 Calories P: 9g C: 6g F: 3g